Iwis introduces transfer chains for gentle transport

December 082008
Iwis introduces transfer chains for gentle transport
December 8 2008. Iwis offers transfer chains with wear-resistant synthetic transport attachments. The transfer chains’ transport attachments are made from polyacetal resin. The chains can be used in a temperature range from -40 °C to +100 °C, with short-term exposures to up to +140 °C possible. Transfer chains are highly wear-resistant when used for goods with smooth surfaces, have a good chemical resistance and a Shore hardness of 85 in accordance with DIN 53505. On request, the chains are also available with antistatic transport attachments.

Transfer chains are used to convey, transport and position containers and workpiece carriers. Transfer chains are used wherever sensitive or delicate goods and products must be conveyed gently, for example in the packaging and food industry, in the electronics industry, in printed circuit-board production, in the manufacture of electrical consumer goods, in medical engineering and the pharmaceuticals and chemical industries, in process engineering, in printing and in the paper, wood, glass and ceramic processing industries.

Open conveyor chains are often sensitive to particles and other small objects, which can cause malfunctioning and increase the risk of injury for the operating staff. They can also damage the conveyed products and are prone to gathering dust and dirt. To prevent these problems, the functional areas of the Iwis transfer chains are fully sealed, which ensures a gentle and risk-free transport of sensitive goods. The accurate fit of the chains’ cover provided by the transport attachments reduces the risk of both injury and malfunction. The base chains of the Iwis transfer chains are prelubricated with a highly adhesive grease, while the chain’s outer remains completely lubricant-free to prevent an accumulation of dust. For special applications, special versions of the base chain are available, for example the maintenance-free Megalife chains or nickel-plated versions.