Martel releases BetaGauge Pressure Calibrators for EX Applications

Martel releases BetaGauge Pressure Calibrators for EX Applications

May 5, 2011 - Martel Electronics announces intrinsically safe BetaGauge 311A-EX and 321A-EX pressure calibrators. The classified hazardous area approvals include IECEx and ATEX certification for world-wide use. 

In addition to the ability to safely use the calibrators in hazardous areas without “hot work” permits, the EX versions include a new ClearBrite graphic LCD with intense backlight for a crisp and easily read black on white display.

The Martel 3 key user interface (UI) is supported by a multi-mode operating system that allows a range of operations from simple measurements to very complex calibration applications such as natural gas custody transfer calibration.

As in the standard units, the calibrators are available in the user’s choice of 23 available pressure ranges from 10” WC to 10,000 psi in compound, gauge, differential and absolute modes. The user can choose from 16 built-in engineering units and specify up to 2 custom units at the time of order.

The ability to measure up to 24 mADC at the same time as monitoring pressure means these calibrators are all that it needed to perform a complete calibration on a pressure transmitter in the field. It is also possible to perform pressure switch tests using any pressure range.

A general accuracy on most ranges of ±0.025% of full scale over a wide range of ambient temperature conditions insures that the BetaGauge 311A-EX/321A-EX will be the choice for even the most demanding field calibration uses.

Popular applications for these high performance calibrators include natural gas flow computer calibration, multi-variable transmitter calibration, calibration of all types of process pressure, and flow and level transmitters that use pressure inferred measurement techniques. The calibrators also offer special features for the testing of pressure switches commonly used in Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS) and other process control and monitoring applications.