MatrikonOPC releases OPC Server for GE turbine controllers

May 27, 2010 - MatrikonOPC released its OPC Server for GE Mark VI Turbine Controllers Direct. This OPC Server provides a high performance link to the GE Mark VIs, enabling engineers to integrate them with other automation components in the enterprise such as HMIs, Historians and ERP systems.

Mark VI Turbine Controllers can be used in small systems such as an industrial steam turbine control, large gas turbine control systems and plant controls. Thanks to the direct Ethernet connection from this OPC Server to the GE Mark VIs, GE TCI/GSM software is no longer required for communications – reducing integration costs and providing high performance data transfer at sub-second update rates.

Features include:
  • Imports controllers' information from the TCI PC configuration files (site’s configuration files)
  • Configures Automatic OPC server tag list using TCI PC configuration files (site’s configuration files)
  • Supports process, diagnostic alarms and events via simple OPC A&E

  • “MatrikonOPC constantly expands its OPC offerings to encompass a growing range of control systems. With this OPC Server, engineers and system integrators can expand their connectivity horizons and take their data sharing information systems to a whole new level,” said Sean Leonard, Matrikon’s Vice President of OPC products.

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