MESA releases 7I43 FPGA I/O card

December 282007
MESA releases 7I43 FPGA  I/O card
December 28, 2007 - The MESA 7I43 is a low cost, general purpose programmable I/O card that connects to the host computer via USB or PC parallel port. The 7I43 uses a 200K or 400K gate Xilinx Spartan3 FPGA for all logic, so it is truly an Anything I/O card.

The FPGA is downloadable from the USB or Parallel port bus side, and also has local configuration storage via an on card EEPROM.

Efficient switching regulators are used for FPGA core and 3.3V power, allowing the 7I43 to be USB bus powered. The 7I43 can also be powered by an external 5V source. The 7I43 has 48 I/O bits available on two 50 pin connectors. Both connectors use I/O module rack compatible pinouts. All I/O bits are 5V tolerant. The I/O connectors are compatible with our 7 series daughter cards for isolated I/O, motion control, RS-422 interface and other applications. Configurations are provided for simple GPIO, Smart Motion control (SoftDMC), host based motion control (HostMot2), buffered step & direction generation and a waveform generator.

Quantity 100 price of the of the 7I43 is $59.00 (200K version) or $67.00 (400K version)