New software reduces embedded development risks, simplifies integration of COTS systems

LEESBURG, VA - June 29, 2006 - Continuum Software Architecture (CSA) helps reduce development, integration, life-cycle maintenance and support costs. CSA will significantly enhance the ease of COTS integration with Curtiss-Wright's system "building blocks" such as single board computers and mezzanine cards.

The CSA delivers a cohesive and comprehensive approach to compatibility and interoperability beyond the traditional hardware interfaces. This represents a grander vision for interoperability in the COTS market. The CSA provides a two-fold approach for significantly improving the customer's ability to integrate and evolve with COTS hardware and software. First, it provides the binding elements to facilitate easy integration of a multitude of embedded products. Second, the CSA provides a common and comprehensive set of software application programming interfaces (APIs) extending, enabling and simplifying the full and efficient usage of all available hardware devices.

The CSA is the newest element of Curtiss-Wright's innovative COTS Continuum initiative. COTS Continuum is a Research & Development initiative to develop a common software, hardware and mechanical architecture for future Curtiss-Wright products. The architecture will standardize I/O routing and pin-outs, electrical interfaces, APIs to all hardware functionality, and provide a common HAL (Hardware Abstraction Layer) and User documentation across Curtiss-Wright products. The net result is a common out-of-box experience between product families and next generation products benefiting all users by easing their technology insertions.

"The introduction of our Continuum Software Architecture is truly a major leap forward as we realize our goal of developing a common software, hardware and mechanical architecture for future products," said Lynn Patterson, vice president and general manager of Curtiss-Wright's Modular Solutions group. "CSA delivers a great out-of-box experience common to all our products. This will benefit all of our customers by easing their technology insertion requirements and delivering exceptional performance over a broader range of embedded computing products."

The new CSA architecture provides a rigorous, well-identified process and sound architectural model for software development, as well as the tools needed to integrate different components and applications quickly and efficiently. It includes:

• Consolidated and configurable firmware
• Intelligent hardware abstraction
• Powerful, intuitive, user-centric and consistent APIs
• Extensive Built-in-Test capabilities
• Standard, optimal and user optional card configurations
• Flexible and efficient compiler and Development Environment integrations
• Extensible hardware/software component frameworks
• Rich sets of device driver, board support package libraries and RTOS Support
• Complete validations over a broad spectrum of rugged Defense and Aerospace application areas

In addition, the CSA provides backwards-compatible support mechanisms. Developers can leverage and easily support compatibility with legacy software, APIs, systems and products by accessing shim layers, as required.

The CSA first rolls out to the rugged market with Curtiss-Wright's new VME-184, CHAMP-AV5, VPX6-185 and the CHAMP-AV6 single board computer and digital signal processor engine products, marking a new era in the evolution of rugged COTS.

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