Parker enhances InteractX 3.0 HMI

November 062008
Parker enhances InteractX 3.0 HMI
November 6, 2008 - Parker’s Electromechanical Automation Division released InteractX version 3.0 of its Windows-based software. This latest version of InteractX is a supervisory HMI solution with full-featured historical trending tools that aggregate data from multiple machines or work cells, as well as third-party PLCs and HMI panels. When supervising machines running Interact Xpress, InteractX cuts development time and cost by importing screens and data directly from Xpress applications.

Parker-CTC designed InteractX to take full advantage of the “distributed HMI” architecture used by the company’s Xpress HMI software, which allows applications to be developed, edited, published and run in an HMI that acts as a web server. InteractX leverages existing Xpress screens and data so that it can be pushed directly to the supervisory level without having to recreate applications or input tags. This provides a seamless transition to supervision and monitoring of data trends from multiple sources. Complemented by a new recipe-management tool and intuitive design features, InteractX makes it easy to manage and monitor machine-level activities from a central Parker-CTC PowerStation or third-party workstation.

The software also features fully rendered and scalable graphics; intuitive, object-style development tools; 60+ standard communications drivers; real-time data acquisition; complete tag editing; recipe management; integrated VBA and Active X tools; multi-language support and E-Sigs for FDA 21CFR11 compliance. InteractX runs on Windows/2000/XP operating systems and is installed/licensed on Parker-CTC HPX and EPX PowerStations. These workstations run InteractX and other fully-functioning Windows applications, on their standard CompactFlash drives, potentially making a hard drive unnecessary. HPX and EPX PowerStations offer a bundled solution for users who want higher Windows functionality along with a choice of 10”, 12”, 15” or 17” high-resolution touchscreen displays.

Unique among Windows HMI developers, Parker-CTC offers InteractX bundled into hardware/software solutions, specifically engineered for industrial applications.

“By far, the largest cost associated with moving from standalone, machine-level operation to supervisory HMI has typically come from the time it takes to develop special applications for the supervisory software,” says Andy Balderson, Parker-CTC Product Manager. “With InteractX and Xpress, our customers will be able to easily upgrade from standalone machine HMI to supervisory HMI without complex systems integration." InteractX offers unlimited tags with no preset limits on pens or logs.

According to Balderson, “InteractX provides customers with the full functionality needed to create a robust supervisory HMI application and is scalable to a whole range applications.”

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