PBC Linear introduces MLA mini actuator

January 282009
PBC Linear introduces MLA mini actuator
January 28, 2009 - Designed for laboratory and industrial automation, PBC Linear’s MLA mini-actuator is built tough for industrial applications and precise for the lab. This actuating system is the latest addition to complete PBC Linear’s line of Linear Actuator Technology (LAT).

28mm wide, offered in varying lengths, and weighing 0.15kg/100mm, the MLA offers linear motion in extremely compact surroundings. What sets the MLA apart from the competition is its design. With the systems integrated screw nut composed of PTFE impregnated polymer and six bearing plane surfaces per side, the MLA nearly doubles the potential load capacity for any miniature actuator design. Also the MLA carriage comes available with a dovetail shaped mount that aids in alignment and increases accuracy of part positioning during assembly. The dovetail mounting design also lends to the actuators high speed capabilities, which is further facilitated by a larger lead screw than competing mini-actuators. These design factors combine together to allow the MLA to offer high speed, precision, and load capacities in a compact design.

The MLA mini-actuator’s unique compact motor mounting adaptor allows the pairing of standard stepper and servo drive motors while minimizing overall length. Mounting the actuator is done simply by using clamps on the integral dove tail shaped slots located along each side close to the base. Limit switches and other accessories are simply mounted to the T-slots that are accurately positioned along the each actuator’s side. The carriage has two threaded inserts to ensure dependable and convenient mounting to the carriage.

The MLA comes with a plethora of customizable options, both in mounting capabilities and design functions; such as offering several different sizes of drive screws to give the end-customer a wide selection of velocities to choose. With the possibility of having up to two profile rails, moment capacity for the MLA is dramatically increased. Also, to allow for function in contaminated and clean-room environments, a seal strip can be added to keep dirt and grime out of the system while keeping all particulates from exiting the system. From gear reducers to stepper motors, the MLA can be tailored to meet any compact linear motion application.

Backed by their patent pending SIMO process, PBC Linear is able to precision machine the MLA mini-actuator in minutes. Using multiple synchronized cutters that concurrently mill precision edges into the actuator, the SIMO process provides consistent accuracy and precision along all edges throughout the entire extrusion. What use to be a painstaking and costly process of tightening tolerances to ensure precision has evolved into a straight line production system that provides the MLA with precision without the extra cost, and the foundation for its design.