Phoenix Contact introduces UM-PRO PCB housing

August 262010
Phoenix Contact introduces UM-PRO PCB housing
August 26, 2010 - The UM-PRO profile housing, or PCB tray, from Phoenix Contact reduces assembly time and increases design flexibility. Made of halogen-free plastic, the UM-PRO can be used in applications up to 100 degrees Celsius, well above the 60 degrees Celsius required by UL.

The UM-PRO’s snap-in assembly eliminates additional hardware and reduces assembly time. It features a single profile cut to specific customer-required lengths, limiting the components needed to achieve a complete solution.

The profile supports three separate slots for mounting a PCB. The top slot allows mounting components nearly on the edge of the PCB. The PCB cover can be centered or positioned strategically over critical components, increasing the protection flexibility. The flat design supports the construction of flat electronic components and their assembly on standard DIN rail or directly on the panel.

The UM-PRO is available in three tray widths (72, 108 and 122 mm). Standard Phoenix Contact MINI COMBICON connectors can be used to network adjacent devices, and busing options are available. Accessories include end caps, additional foot elements and PE contacts.

About Phoenix Contact
Phoenix Contact is a leading developer of industrial electrical and electronic technology. The company's diverse product range includes components and system solutions for industrial and device connection, automation, electronic interface and surge protection. Phoenix Contact GmbH & Co. KG, Blomberg, Germany, operates 47 international subsidiaries, including Phoenix Contact USA in Middletown, Pa. Phoenix Contact’s formal Integrated Management System is registered to ISO quality, environmental and safety standards (ISO 9001:2008,14001:2004 and 18001:2007).