PREMO EMC releases FVDT filters for windmills

PREMO EMC releases FVDT filters for windmills
Premo EMC presents FVDT EMI filters series to be installed in frequency inverters destined for windmill generators.

These filters have a high attenuation level from 150 kHz up to 30 MHz according to 2004/108/CE EMC Directive and specific product standard EN61800-3:2004 requirements.

The product range destined for windmill inverters includes three-phase filters which current range goes from 180A up to 900A.

Rated voltage can be 520 Vac or 720 Vac according to inverter requirement.

Filters are stand-alone type and connection is done by copper busbars. Filters have been designed to work at nominal current with working temperatures up to 50ºC and their application class (HMF) guarantees the correct behaviour of internal components up to 100ºC.

PREMO EMC is located in Barcelona, designs and manufactures Electromagnetic Compatibility Filters (EMC/EMI) to avoid electromagnetic interferences. They are normally used in wind mills frequency inverters, switched mode power supplies, motor frequency converters, electronic equipment and others.

The Premo range includes single phase filters from 0,5A up to 990 Amps three-phase filters; one-stage, double-stage; compact size filters; screened room filters and filters for domotic applications.

Premo Group is the main Spanish manufacturer and it is securiting a place among the main ones in China due to its R&D and its EMC technical support.