QC's Tension Release Tail makes for fast conveyor belt changes

QC's Tension Release Tail makes for fast conveyor belt changes
March 9, 2009 - QC Industries Tension Release Tail makes belt changes and under-belt cleaning fast and easy. Tension Release Tail operates at the push of a button to relieve tension on the belt by quickly flipping up and out of the way. No tools are required, making it easy for an operator to release the tension for cleaning under the belt. The tail reseats, reapplying tension, with a gentle push.

Belt changes are simplified; in many cases the belt can be removed and replaced without tools. This feature reduces downtime and maintenance expenditures.

Unlike competing conveyors, the unique design of the Tension Release Tail retains all tension and tracking adjustments when tension is relieved and reapplied. To relieve tension in competing conveyors, the same adjustments used for tension and tracking must be undone, requiring them to be readjusted each time tension is reapplied. QC Industries’ Tension Release tail uses a completely separate mechanism for relieving the tension than it uses for making tension and tracking adjustments.

The Tension Release Tail is standard on all Automation Series conveyors, including AS40 End Drive and AS65 Center Drive conveyors. It is compatible with all standard QC Industries side rails and guides and with both flat and v-guided belts.

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