Rexroth releases VKK Feed Modules

Rexroth releases VKK Feed Modules
June 3, 2009 - VKK Feed Modules from Bosch Rexroth bring high load capacity and low moving mass to Cartesian or gantry systems that include vertical axes or horizontal actuators. VKK modules are perfectly suited for Z-axis function in light-duty handling, pick-and-place and feed applications for the automation and packaging industries.

VKK Feed Modules are available in 70mm and 100mm cross-sections with standard strokes from 80mm to 400mm. The modules are housed in a fixed aluminum body, containing the aluminum thrust rod, carriage, and a ball screw drive. Using Rexroth's eLINE hybrid guide technology, two hardened steel tracks and fixed carriages are integrated into the aluminum housing to guide the thrust rod with precision and to absorb pitch and roll moments.

The fixed housing and eLINE guide technology in the VKK modules result in a lower moved-mass than that which is found in conventional moving-body type actuators. This low-moving weight of the thrust rod reduces the motor forces required for the application and allows for a smaller motor to drive the system, ultimately resulting in higher overall system dynamics and faster cycle times. Cable management is also simplified.

The VKK modules also feature Rexroth’s camoLINE connectivity, offering precise connection and alignment of multiple axes and external attachments without custom adapters. Electric or pneumatic components can easily be mounted onto the end of the VKK thrust rod by means of a standard mounting flange. VKK modules can be specified as a fully-assembled axis with motor or with an in-line motor mount or timing belt side drive for user-mounted motors.

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