RuiDa Laser system independent software LaserWork RDCAMV6.0

RuiDa Laser system independent software LaserWork RDCAMV6.0

May support vector document formats and so on the DXF, AI, PLT, DST and nearly all picture document format bmp, jpg, gif and so on.

May derive document format PLT, AI, BMP.Also may preserve the software from definition project document format *.rld.

Supports the simple image plan function: May draw up the straight line (vertically level/), the broken line, the ellipse/garden, the rectangular/square, the Bezier curve.

Supports directly withdraws the picture from the camera or the scanner.

Support node edition function: May increase, the deletion, the merge, the resolution node.

The graph change function may realize the graph translation, revolving, the reproduce by pantograph, the mirror image.Inclined function.

The curve inspection processing function (connection segment, closed inspection, delete heavy multiple track).

Curve smooth function.

The formidable picture processing function (may adjust picture resolution, brightness/contrast gradient, drifts net, scatter diagram, peaking, extraction outline).

The writing edition function (may support the variable writing: The time date, the sequence number jump the number) the writing editor to be possible to use the TrueType typeface and the SHX single track typeface.

Production graph parallel line function.

Rich graph to uneven tool.

Formidable cutting way optimization function.

The simulation processes and processes the data statistics function.

May support the manual localization or the software localization function.

Laser facula radius compensatory function.

May from definition vector graphical output way cutting, the scanning, arrange (picture dashed line).

Nimble scanning output function.But in the identical chart level the graph sweeps together, also may sweep clear separately.May according to the gradation output.The direct output, also may the slope output.

May establish the graph the introduction/to derive (straight line or circular arc introduction/derives).

Small circle regulating function.

Scans the reverse gap compensatory function.

Cuts the reverse gap compensatory function.

Revolving carving function.

Array processing function.

After the feeding processing function (may establish in front of feeding time delay and feeding time delay).

Chalk linedraw function.

Manual edition cutting spot, cutting direction, cutting order.

The operation jurisdiction management, may establish the life, the extension probation period authorization, the reset life authorization, relieves the deadline limit.

Motherboard documents management (documents downloading, deletion, examination documents process period, documents processing).

The motherboard system information management (motherboard edition information, moved related information).

The motherboard firmware promotion function (user may promote voluntarily to motherboard to the newest edition).

(User may download operation kneading board starting picture) from the definition operation kneading board starting picture.

Multi-language picture cut.