Servo2Go announces 10A8 servo amplifier

Servo2Go announces 10A8 servo amplifier

May 24, 2011 - announces the 10A8 servo amplifier.The 10A8 PWM PCB mounted servo amplifier is designed to drive brush type DC & PMDC motors with & without tachometer feedback. Power MOSFETS and surface mount technology deliver up to 99% efficiency with switching frequency to 22 kHz.User simply provides an unregulated DC input voltage plus analog command signal (up to +-15V, 50K input resistance) and operation is immediate.No set-up or tuning software required.The 10A8 is fully protected against over-voltage, over-current, over-heating and short circuits across motor, ground and power leads. 

  • Model 10A8 provides 6A @ 12-80VDC cont. output
  • Qty 1 Price $295 US
  • Delivery from Stock
  • Surface-mount technology
  • Small size fits into any shirt pocket
  • Directional inhibit inputs (active high or active low)
  • Separate peak & continuous current limit adjustments
  • For quadrant regenerative operation with pulse width modulation
  • Switch selectable modes forcurrent, voltage, velocity, and analog position loop
  • Full agency approvals