Shihlin announces SF-G series Frequency Inverter

Shihlin announces SF-G series Frequency Inverter

March 8, 2012 -  Shihlin Electric introduced high performance vector-control SF-G series of frequency inverters. The inverter is available in the power range from 5.5kw~160kw.

For meeting all kinds of different application requirements among a wide range of users, the SF-G series inverters have adopted double rating specifications to realize the one model which can be used for both heavy load and light load applications. When it is used for light load applications such as air conditioner, pump, air compressor, and conveyor belt, the load capacity (VT) of SF-G is 120% 60 seconds. Through parameter setting it can also be used for heavy load machines with load capacity (CT) of 150% 60 seconds such as punch, crane, trolley, screw machine, and machine tools industry, the instantaneous over-current protection is 200%. As for the special application such as injection machine, it’s also available to use together with the specialized expansion card of Shihlin Electric.

Shihlin Electric SF-G series inverter has adopted high performance vector FOC+PG closed loop speed control technology with 150% starting torque at 1Hz, while the variation of speed accuracy can be controlled to be lower than 1% within 0~100% load variation. In addition, the exclusive and innovative high-precision motor parameter auto-tuning function of Shihlin Electric can achieve optimal motor control performance. For being applicable to more high end industrial applications, SF-G series inverters have provided powerful PC monitoring software with enhanced tracking function such that the motor rotating speed and direction can be detected even in the motor idling state and the motor starting can be more stable without any tripping. Customers are also allowed to conveniently control multiple inverters and duplicate parameter settings through the communication software on the PC side.

Based on the results of R&D accumulated over the years, Shihlin Electric has introduced high performance vector control SF-G series inverters with Speed Sensorless Control yet with closed loop vector control, while their superior performances have made them applicable to special applications of all kinds of fields. More new concepts have been included in the SF-G series frequency inverters in terms of functionality, protection, and stability.