Siemens Factory Automation Sensors introduces...
The intelligent link in Supply Chain Management RFID – SIMATIC® RF600

August 012005
Siemens Factory Automation Sensors introduces...<br>The intelligent link in Supply Chain Management RFID &#150; SIMATIC&#174; RF600
Everything you need for RFID - from one source
With the SIMATIC® RF 600 RFID system, Siemens is offering a comprehensive solution for integration of RFID in supply chain processes. This includes low-cost or particularly rugged data media, read/write devices and antenna for stationary or mobile use, as well as powerful software for interfacing to existing data processing systems. Successful utilization of RFID also includes sound analysis of your logistics processes, seamless integration into the existing IT and automation landscape, or the development of complete solutions with professional project management – Siemens offers everything as a one-stop supplier. Utilize the know-how gained from Siemens' 20 years of experience and more than 250,000 installed RFID devices!

SIMATIC® RF 600 - RFID system in the UHF band for logistics and distribution
The SIMATIC® RF 660R read/write devices can be fitted on the gate of a warehouse to automatically record every movement of goods and signal these to the host systems. The data is filtered and compressed by data management software to generate the receiving department transaction for the ERP system.

The data media (tags) are resistant to contamination, and many of them can be written and read simultaneously, corresponding to the EPC global specification. The storage capacity of the tags, 2048 bit depending on the application, is significantly greater than with barcode labels. The range is up to 5 meters depending on the UHF used, sufficient to reliably read the data media in loading gates or entrances. Tags according to the EPCglobal or ISO 18000-6 standards can be used.

SIMATIC® RF 600 - Perfectly matched system components - Highlights of the system
■ Read/write device and antenna with high IP67 degrees of protection
■ Complies with EPC global requirements and ISO/IEC 18000-6 standards
■ Suitable for the 865-868 MHz UHF bands in Europe, and the 902-928 MHz UHF band in North America
■ Permits connection of up to 4 antennae
■ Can be used for wide temperature ranges
■ High reading speed: many tags can be read simultaneously (bulk reading), rapidly moving tags are recorded reliably
■ Flexible system integration: serial, via PROFIBUS or Ethernet
■ Simple integration into SIMATIC® S7-300/400 PLCs
■ Supports low-cost SmartLabels as well as reusable, rugged data media