Siemens Introduces SIMATIC® VS130 – The Complete Solution for Recording Data Matrix Codes

November 012004
Siemens Introduces SIMATIC® VS130 – The Complete Solution for Recording Data Matrix Codes
Inspection task
The SIMATIC® VS 130 processes data matrix codes in accordance with the ECC200 standard for 2D data matrix codes. It automatically finds the code even under difficult reading conditions such as distortions, rotation or surface inconsistencies. The vision sensor is designed to read codes applied with different coding methods, such laser, printed, punched, drilled or nailed codes.

Method of operation
The SIMATIC® VS 130 works with incident light. Lighting and sensor together form an integrated sensor head (which can also be mechanically separated). The sensor head can be installed in mobile systems thanks to trailing cables and its compact design. With integrated display and operator buttons, the processing unit can be installed in virtually any available space, and offers user-friendly operation. SIMATIC® VS 130 can also be operated remotely via a programmable controller. Inspection functions can be activated via a hard-wired interface with digital I/O, or over a PROFIBUS or Ethernet network connection. The inspection result is output over a serial interface, PROFIBUS or Ethernet network. Output signals can be used by the VS 130 to control robots, pneumatic valves or miniature relays for subsequent processing of the test object.

Product-specific criteria
The SIMATIC® VS 130 is an extremely powerful vision sensor which can adapt to production fluctuations of the object surface and/or the coding method. Four sensor head versions are available for different data matrix code sizes. As many as 20 objects can be inspected per second, depending on the data matrix code size, even in the case of extremely fast-moving objects (up to 5000 mm/sec, depending on object). The VS 130 vision sensor enables the reliable identification of parts used in production (e.g. type identification, serial number, batch number). Integration with HMI systems such as Siemens SIMATIC WinCC, provide users with a wide range of options for system diagnostics and process control.