Siemens upgrades Sinamics S120 CU320-2 drive control unit

August 232010
Siemens upgrades Sinamics S120 CU320-2 drive control unit
August 23, 2010 — Siemens Industry, Inc. announced today the launch of the new Sinamics S120 CU320-2 multi-axis drive control unit. The CU320-2 increases axis count and functionality, for the same price as the original control unit. Additionally, the second generation Sinamics control unit provides an Ethernet port, more I/O and controller-to-controller communication.

The Sinamics S120 CU320-2 control unit manages up to six high performance servo or vector axes per control unit. For standard applications, up to 12 V/Hz axes can be operated from one CU320-2 control unit. The enhanced processor enables increased functionality for positioning, safety integrated functions and drive control charts to be handled by one control unit, thus significantly reducing drive system costs.

The new Sinamics CU320-2 control unit also offers greater flexibility through enhanced programming options and a higher number of digital inputs. It provides a higher I/O count, with up to 12 binary inputs. To provide users with added convenience, the CU320-2 includes an Ethernet port that expands the programming options.

With the goal of delivering more functionality more economically, the Sinamics S120 CU320-2 also cuts costs for users through simplified performance licensing, fewer hardware requirements and smaller cabinet space requirements.

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