SoftPLC Smart Gateway

February 182010
SoftPLC Smart Gateway
A Smart Gateway bridges devices on one network to devices on other networks. Each Smart Gateway is equipped with a comprehensive set of drivers, which you can mix and match to meet your network bridging needs. Unlike many other gateway products, Smart Gateways have virtually no limits on the amount of data points that can be transferred, and can support up to 16 different protocols simultaneously. Smart Gateway features include:

  • Configure protocols for any/all of the Smart Gateway communication ports

  • (4) 10/100 BaseT Ethernet Ports (optional fiber interface)

  • (5) Serial RS-232 ports and optional RS-485 port

  • Up to (3) PCI-104 interfaces (optional)

  • Internal phone modem for remote access via telephone (optional)

  • Up to (16) different protocols can be supported simultaneously – ASCII, Modbus serial/Ethernet, DF1, DF1 Ethernet, Profibus, DeviceNet, CANopen, and many others

  • Hundreds of thousands of data points supported, fast throughput

  • Easy configuration/programming

  • Diagnostics, real-time status monitoring