Solartron introduces G-Type position sensor

August 062013
Solartron introduces G-Type position sensor

August 6, 2013 - Solartron Metrology introduced the G-Type position and linear displacement measurement sensor with direct analogue output. All G-Type models feature a Linear Variable Differential Transducer (LVDT) as the measuring element. LVDTs are able to cope with a wide range of applications while delivering superior linearity. Additionally, the inherently frictionless nature of this measurement device ensures that it will not wear if used properly. That is complemented by the durable sensor body, which is made of hardened stainless steel.

Solartron Metrology employs the electronics from its S-Series displacement sensor into the G-Type sensor. Its compact, internal electronics system guarantees usability by offering a choice of 4 measuring ranges: 2, 5, 10 or 20 mm. The sensor is directly compatible with PLCs and other data collection systems. The G-Type sensor features direct analogue output in 3 signals: in voltage (0-10V or +/-10V) or current (4-20mA). This analogue output is conducted by a two meter PU cable that contains a foil screen layer and is resistant to scuffs and scratches.

The G-Type sensor incorporates Solartron Metrology’s AX probe into its design. The probe’s tight tolerance, cartridge-type bearing with chrome/carbon balls ensures that the G-Type supplies non-repeat linear measurements, while sustaining a long product life (type tested to over 13 million cycles.) The sensor’s efficiency is greatly improved by the AX’s multi-chambered coil that increases the gain as the core moves along the coil.