Strothman enhances quadro turnstile with a pneumatic drive

Strothman enhances quadro turnstile with a pneumatic drive

May 10, 2011 - Strothman enhances its quadro turnstile with a pneumatic drive. The quadro turnstile, a crossing element in the RoundTrack floor rail system for the in-house transport of heavy loads, consists of four turntables with a payload of 7 t each. The turntables can turn trolley rollers sideways, thereby making the trolleys change their driving direction.

The pneumatic drive allows for even more flexible efficient intralogistics solutions. Another crossing element, the large turntable, can rotate entire trolleys by a 90 to 270° angle. In contrast, the trolleys crossing the quadro turnstile never change their orientation. If the transport trolleys are also used as workplaces, their orientation must be coordinated with machines and manufacturing stations, for instance. Furthermore, some companies use them to transport overlong goods such as wind turbine blades; since two customized Strothman trolleys are used for transporting such a blade, they have to keep their orientation even when they change the driving direction; with the quadro turnstile this can be easily implemented.