STROTHMANN Introduces FEEDERplus8 robot

STROTHMANN Introduces FEEDERplus8 robot

June 23, 2010 - STROTHMANN announces FEEDERplus8, an eight axis linear robot system which can transport and orient parts in various directions. The additional degrees of freedom provide for maximum flexibility in the feeding of blanks to complex dies and in parts removal. The feeder can be installed in small press gaps with a minimum distance of 6,500 mm between the press tables. The coordinated movement of the axes allows for the processing of ten to twelve large parts, e.g. side members, per minute.

The FEEDERplus8 has been designed for a payload of approx. 120 kg including blank, tooling, and tooling adapter. It can optionally be equipped with a system for automatic tooling change, which is attached to a crossbar by means of a saddle or an adapter for the robot tooling. The tooling can then be picked up and exchanged automatically; it can be made available via a shuttle system or by attaching it to the respective die set. Thus, set-up times during die change can be reduced to a minimum.