Techno releases ZR20 rotary table

January 052009
Techno releases ZR20 rotary table
January 5, 2009 - Techno, Inc. Linear Motion Systems released the Rotary Table ZR20, a small footprint stepper motor rotary table that is great for applications where space is at a premium. The New ZR20 is operated by a 2-phase stepper motor with a 20:1 ratio for fine resolution in a compact package. At 200 steps per revolution, half step, the resolution of this motor is 2.7 arc/minutes, and can handle a 10 kg maximum load.

The Rotary Table is for machine builders and in-house manufacturing engineers that need a powerful unit but are limited to a smaller space, such as pick and place, assembly, testing, inspection, dispensing and part transferring. A prime example of use would be rotating a part in and out of a UV curing station or paint booth.

Each Rotary Table ZR20 comes complete with an internal limit switch for homing functions and the stepper motor is prewired into a DB9 connector, reducing time required for setup of the unit. Used by itself or in any combination of linear slides and other rotary tables, the ZR20 is 138 mm by 86 mm wide by 88 mm high, uses a NEMA17 frame motor and can be mounted to any assembly via six through holes on the mount flanges.