UEI releases DNx-AO-358 simulated strain gage output boards

January 132010
UEI releases DNx-AO-358 simulated strain gage output boards
January 13, 2010 — United Electronic Industries (UEI) released the DNx-AO-358 simulated Strain Gage output boards. The boards are available in two models — the DNA version, for use with UEI’s PowerDNA Cubes and the DNR version, for rack-mounting in a PowerDNR RACKtangle or HalfRACK chassis. Both versions provide eight channels of simulated strain gage output based on signals from real variable resistor bridges that accurately duplicate the behavior of the strain gages simulated.

Each version may be ordered in a full or half/quarter bridge configuration with 120, 350, or 1000 ohm bridge completion resistances. These boards support both DC and AC excitation (DC to25 kHz range) with a system bandwidth of 250 kHz, minimum. The output update rate is 0 to 5 kHz. As an added feature, each board also includes an on-board A/D converter that monitors excitation voltage to an accuracy of ±10 mV.

The boards are ideal for simulator applications in which an on-board device expects a strain gage signal as an input. They are also useful for testing and diagnosing errors in a wide range of strain gage systems.

The DNx-AO-358 boards include software drivers compatible with all popular operating systems such as Windows, Linux, QNX, VXWorks, RTX, and other popular real-time operating systems. Windows users may also take advantage of the powerful UEIDAQ Framework, which provides a simple-to-use software interface to all popular Windows programming languages as well as DAQ, and control applications such as LabVIEW, DASYLab, and MATLAB.

DNA-AO-358 - $4000 - Delivery from Stock
DNR-AO-358 - $4150 - Delivery from Stock