Weidmuller announces adjustable DC power supplies

January 092007
Weidmuller announces adjustable DC power supplies
RICHMOND, VA (January 9, 2007) — Weidmuller has announced the introduction of four new high performance power supplies. These new power supplies provide industry-leading performance in a small and compact design.

The new Direct Current (DC) power supplies provide process and design engineers with reliable, space-efficient solutions to drive their ever-increasing power demanding control panels. These solutions include four adjustable voltage power supplies in the follow values: a 25W 5VDC 5A unit, a 48W 12VDC 4A unit, a 48W 24VDC 2A unit, and a 48W 48VDC 1A unit.

As field-level control systems migrate towards low-voltage DC driven systems and as the number of active devices in control panels increase, there is an ever-growing need for powerful, compact and efficient power supplies.

Weidmuller has designed each of these new power supplies to deliver added benefits for control applications by including numerous enhancements such as adjustable voltage settings for each unit, allowing for a wide range of input voltage (85 . . . 264VAC/120 . . . 370VDC), the addition of LED status indicators, and making each unit TS35 DIN-rail mountable. In addition to these features all units have regulatory approvals including UL 508, cRUus 60950, GSA, and CE.

Weidmuller is a leading supplier of control and automation connectivity solutions such as Industrial Ethernet Solutions, Power Delivery Solutions, Design-Build-Deliver Solutions, Complete Rail Solutions, switching technology for control panels, printed circuit board terminals and connectors, and terminal blocks. Weidmuller has approximately 3,400 employees worldwide, with 70 sales organizations or offices in more than 60 countries.
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