Weidmuller releases WGK Series through-panel terminals

September 052007
Weidmuller releases WGK Series through-panel terminals
RICHMOND, VA - September 5, 2007 – Penetrating control cabinet walls often presents a challenge when the requirement is to distribute currents of differing potentials through the panel walls. Weidmuller introduces a new range of through-panel terminal blocks– the WGK Series. These new terminal blocks provide a universal solution that reliably and safely handles this challenge. They are ideal for industrial control power filtering and UPS systems such as frequency converters and power supplies.

The WGK series of through-panel terminal blocks feature housing halves that inter-lock and enable an easy-to-mount through panel termination system. In addition to the standard versions with vertical or horizontal wire entry, Weidmuller also offers a line of terminals that incorporate cable-lug termination for the panel interior. They feature Weidmuller’s proven self-locking screw clamp connection technology for a maintenance free and vibration proof connection. WGK terminal blocks are available to accommodate UL-rated wire size range of AWG 30 – 4/0 (4mm² – 95mm²). All versions offer touch-safe housings which incorporate dimpled interlocking points that are used to gang like terminals. The WGK through panel terminals accept solid and stranded wires, with or with ferrules. The housings are made of WEMID, a special thermoplastic from Weidmuller, and can withstand a continuous operating temperature of 120˚C (248˚F). They have a flammability class rating of UL 94-VO to meet global approvals including UL 1059 and CSA.

Weidmuller is committed to engineering and supplying the most innovative and value based products possible for the production and process control industries. The new WGK series of through-panel terminal blocks is another example of this pursuit.

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