Wildeck adds Safety System to its vertical conveyors

September 022010
Wildeck adds Safety System to its vertical conveyors
September 2, 2010 - Wildeck announced that its AutoSenz M-Series modular safety sensor is now standard on its mechanical and hydraulic VRCs (Vertical Reciprocating Conveyors). The system provides standard auto-ranging overload/VRC jam protection that will minimize damage to material and equipment should items become jammed during the lifting operation. Existing mechanical and hydraulic VRCs can also be upgraded with an AutoSenz M-Series Retrofit Module adding a new level of safety and security on installed units, and peace-of-mind for VRC operators and facility managers.

AutoSenz VRC safety systems automatically sense motor load current and determine the critical overload setpoint each time the VRC motor starts. Since VRC motor loads change depending on the weight of material that is placed on the lift, the auto-ranging capability of Wildeck’s patented design makes it far superior and safer than any fixed setpoint motor overload system.

If material shifts and accidentally projects off the side of a VRC carriage and enters the running / clearance zone, the material could become wedged between the carriage and side of the building or other surrounding equipment or structure. Since standard VRCs are designed to provide their full lifting force, an accidental jam could cause severe equipment and facility damage. Wildeck’s AutoSenz overload detection systems are designed to stop the VRC in its tracks and alert the operator so corrective action can be taken.

Wildeck VRC lifts with AutoSenz technology are ideal for transferring valuable inventory, parts, and heavy bulky materials between levels in distribution centers and warehouses, manufacturing and assembly plants, government and military facilities, and numerous other applications.