XMOS announces motion control development platform

December 152011

December 15, 2011 – XMOS announces a development platform that enables rapid design of multi-axis motor control solutions, including BLDC and PMSM motors.

The platform allows high performance control, interface and computational blocks in software. Developers can quickly integrate and characterize their control and interface IP, dramatically reducing development time. The determinism of the architecture guarantees that real-time requirements are met. Easy scalability makes XMOS processors ideal for multi-axis motor control applications.

Engineers can take advantage of the I/O flexibility to customize the hardware interfaces for different motor configurations. With 500MIPS per core, XMOS devices provide the processing capabilities for high speed and high performance control loops. The XMOS development environment offers tools to simplify design of real-time systems, including XScope, a high speed real time tracing tool and a timing analyser to accurately determine code execution time.

The combination of XMOS processors, development tools and software IP are a must for designers looking for high performance, low-cost, multi-axis motor control solutions.

Platform Availability
The XMOS platform includes a control and communications board, and a separate power board that provides two channels of 24V 3-phase motor drive with feedback. The kit includes two motors with trapezoidal and Field Oriented Control drive technique examples.