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0-5A AC Current Signal Isolated Transmitter

December 022014
0-5A AC Current Signal Isolated Transmitter

WAYJUN AC current signal isolated transmitter adopts the magnetic isolation technology advanced, capable of
isolating inspection / monitoring of AC voltage signal, the product has the advantages of small volume, low power
consumption, high precision. A single-phase, three-phase three wire and three-phase four wire multi. Between the input
and output and auxiliary power supply can withstand 2500VDC isolation voltage, all output multiple products are
isolated from each other, can be flexibly applied. Widely used in electric power, chemical, petroleum, industrial and
automation fields.
Product List:
DINAC – 5AC - P□ - V/I□
Power Supply Output Signal
Power code current code voltage code
24VDC P1 0-20ma A3 0~5V V1
12VDC P2 4-20ma A4 0-10V V2
5VDC P3 User-defined Az 1-5V V6
15VDC P4 User-defined Vz
220VAC P5
1:Input:0-5A Power supply:24V output:4-20ma Part No.:DINAC-5AC-P1-A4
2:Input:0-5A Power supply:220VAC output:4-20ma Part No.:DINAC-5AC-P5-A4
Product absolute maximum rating:
Continuous Isolation Voltage:3000VDC
Junction Temperature:+85℃
Storage Temperature:+150℃
Power voltage range:±10%Vin
Note: if beyond the scope, the product may cause permanent damage.
Technical Parameter:
Parameter Name Test Condition Parameters Unit Note
Precision Grade 0.5
Input Range 0~500mA~5AAC Any Value
Isolation Voltage 0.5mA/60S 2500 VDC
The linear range 0~120 %
Load capacity 4~20mA output <300 ohm
0~5V output >2000 ohm
overload capacity terminal input 2(Max<50A) times 5S
Frequency response 25~50~3000 Hz
Working temperature -10 ~ +70 ℃