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3S-Smart Software announces x-509 security for CODESYS development system

December 122016
3S-Smart Software announces x-509 security for CODESYS development system

December 12, 2016 - 3S-Smart Software Solutions presented an integrated security solution for CODESYS based on X.509 certificates.
Special Internet gateways and programmable controllers with Internet connections are the key components in Industry 4.0 architectures. These open industrial applications for operation, data exchange, maintenance, and even external programmability. The IEC 61131-3 standard is established for the programming of industrial components and its use has increased on these kinds of Internet-capable devices.

Additional security functions are now available in CODESYS’ IEC 61131-3 software platform. These security functions protect compatible devices from unauthorized access, making them appropriate for industrial Ethernet and IIoT. Now the communication between the IDE, the CODESYS Development System, and the corresponding CODESYS Control runtime system can be encrypted with X.509 certificates. This protection comprises the download of compiled applications to the intelligent device as well as the communication in online mode, for example when debugging at the time of commissioning or when operating a graphical user interface. When the user interfaces are displayed optionally in the HMTL5 browser per CODESYS WebVisu, the communication to the web server can also be key-protected. Certificate keys are managed directly in CODESYS – in the IDE and the runtime system. For this reason, the boot application can also be signed by means of a key on the target device. Users can therefore protect the application manipulation and unauthorized copying and distribution.

When manufacturers of intelligent control devices or Internet gateways implement the latest CODESYS Control runtime system to their devices e.g. on Linux, these security features are available without any additional effort. Users of these kinds of devices benefit from the configuration in the familiar programming interface, as well as protection of their data and expertise.