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3S-Smart Software updates CODESYS software for gesturing

October 062014
3S-Smart Software updates CODESYS software for gesturing

October 6, 2014 - 3S-Smart Software Solutions announces CODESYS V3.5 Service Pack 6 for CODESYS  IEC 61131-3 automation software.

Enhancements  increase efficiency in the day-to-day work with CODESYS, for example with conditional breakpoints and execution points, as well as testing and graphical display of build errors and warnings at the moment of input.

A feature in CODESYS is the capability of refactoring the IEC application code. This can be used for easy and semantically correct customization of call points in the project after modification. The new feature CoreDump provides a powerful tool for diagnosing unusual or rare errors. Users can use this tool to create a memory snapshot of the PLC status and use it to easily track and edit these kinds of application errors—even after start-up.

With the integrated visualization in CODESYS, multi-touch gesturing can be used on qualified displays to control operations.

With the CODESYS OPC UA Server interface, compatible devices can now be extended to function as an OPC UA Server. CODESYS BACnet is of particular interest to controller manufacturers who want to qualify their devices for use in building management systems or HVAC technology without the trouble of implementation. The CODESYS IEC 61850 Server provides a similar product for manufacturers in the industry of energy distribution. Controller manufacturers in classic mechanical and systems engineering benefit from the enhanced PROFINET support. Using their own protocol stacks, they can extend their controllers to include PROFINET without having to modify the hardware. Thanks to integration in the IEC 61131-3 development system, users benefit from the familiar ease of use in all of the new communication products.