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5ME releases Freedom 4.0 update to Freedom eLOG software

August 232016
5ME releases Freedom 4.0 update to Freedom eLOG software

August 23, 2016 – 5ME’s Freedom 4.0 was released as an update to the Freedom eLOG software, with a focus on manufacturing efficiency that integrates to provide full transparency into manufacturing processes. These include asset utilization, performance, quality and OEE, as well as machine health and process health. Recognizing patterns and trends allows for management of equipment operations. The software continues the Freedom eLOG tradition of providing real-time monitoring and analysis, machine diagnostics, and an array of manufacturing metrics.

The system is a multi-tenant approach that offers segregation as well as customization for each user on the account. It provides options such as a 7-day survey view, reports with configurable graphics and data tables with sortable/selectable columns, collapsible menus, custom downtime categories, and flexibility to categorize unclassified time. It also features user-configured “watch” notifications to alert users or user groups of machine conditions and increased flexible machine schedules. A particular feature of the Freedom 4.0 is the implementation of SmartBoards (Smart Dashboards). These allow users to configure customized screens that incorporate data elements that are most important to them, as well as the ability to embed images, websites, work instructions, spec sheets, or any other salient information.

The IoT software is usable by small shops as well as global enterprises, where it can connect with ERP, MES, CMMS, and quality business systems and can be accessed anytime via any device with a browser. Freedom 4.0 is fully MTConnect compliant.