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5ME updates e$CORE software

5ME updates e$CORE software

March 25, 2015 - 5ME updates e$CORE software with a feature that generates a monetized version of machine tool performance based on the six span-time categories as defined by the Association for Manufacturing Technology (AMT). Part of the company’s Freedom eLOG software suite, e$CORE provides full transparency into manufacturing gains or losses in terms of dollars, putting the amount of money being saved or wasted in the manufacturing plant at management’s fingertips.

The software includes three types of reports – Burden, Monetary and Summary – which can be customized by users based on an assigned hourly value for each machine. Users assign percentage “weights” based on the AMT category (plant shut-down, scheduled downtime, delay time, repair time, not in-cycle process time and in-cycle time), and the e$CORE value is calculated by summing the daily values in each category.

The three report types can be viewed in monthly, weekly, daily or hourly timeframes. The Burden report compares the performance of selected machines, and presents a net value in a stacked bar graph with colors that correspond to the AMT categories. Each bar shows how that category contributed to the cumulative e$CORE value. The Monetary report shows Production Values (in-cycle and not in-cycle process time) vs. Lost Production Values (plant shut-down, scheduled downtime, delay time, repair time). The Summary report shows the values reflected in the Monetary report, but includes the aggregate values for each machine. This allows for machine-to-machine comparisons for the selected timeframe.

Freedom eLOG software suite automatically extracts critical manufacturing data to produce web-based reports and analytics on asset utilization, availability, performance, quality and OEE. It is brand, asset and process agnostic, as well as MTConnect-compliant. The software integrates seamlessly with ERP, MES, maintenance and quality business systems and can be accessed anytime via smartphone or tablet device.