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AAEON adds AQ7-BT and μCOM-BT SBCs

October 272015
AAEON adds AQ7-BT and μCOM-BT SBCs

October 27, 2015 - AAEON adds AQ7-BT and μCOM-BT SBCs based on Qseven and SMARC form factors, respectively, and are powered by the low-power consuming, yet versatile Intel Atom/ Celeron E3800 processors. This, accompanied by their small sizes, makes them fitting for applications demanding compactness and mobility, such as robotic arms and portable testing equipment.

The AQ7-BT features the Qseven form factor and measures 70 x 70 mm. It sports the Qseven 2.0 design specifications and pin layout that brings convenience in designing components and peripherals as well as troubleshooting. Additionally, the board can be operated by a battery to increase mobility.

The μCOM-BT with its even smaller, SMARC form factor, measures 82 x 50mm. Designed specifically for use in mobile devices, the board consumes as low as 6W of power and packs functionalities that optimizes on-the-go applications, such as HD audio and FHD displays, wireless capabilities, and I/O expansions. Similar to the AQ7-BT, the μCOM-BT can also run on batteries.


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