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AAEON announces AIOT-X1000 subcompact board

AAEON announces AIOT-X1000 subcompact board

June 15, 2015 —AAEON announces AIOT-X1000 subcompact board with a built in Analog-to-Digital Signal Converter that provides for direct connection to common sensors, and digital I/O that gives the user the ability to add multiple points of control.

Access is provided by SPI and I2C interfaces as a means to increase functionality of the end device. Additionally, as an Intel Gateway Solutions (Moon Island) product, which is comprised of the Wind River Linux Operating System and McAfee Embedded Security, this product is ready to deploy with support from some of the strongest contributors to the IoT ecosystem.

To meet the demands in a multitude of environmental conditions, the board incorporates  Wide Temperature (WiTAS) Technology, supporting temperatures ranging from -20°C to 70°C. Four different enclosure designs  address various vertical market requirements: desktop or wall-mountable, DIN rail-mountable, IP67-certified and CAN Bus-enabled, extending implementation from factory floors to the outdoors, from automation to fleet management.

A complete IoT package is available to not only collect data, but to handle all the processing, analysis and storage as well. Available application SDK’s to get raw data from the sensor or input to a customizable dashboard application will make it possible to achieve the benefits of the IoT in as short a time as possible. Managing terabytes of data in the Cloud has never been easier.


“From facilitating factory scale industrial automation, to controlling a regional deployment of vending machines, it is undeniable that IoT is everywhere these days”,said Rita Liang, Product Manager of AAEON’s Design and Manufacturing Services Division.“With the AIOT-X1000, we aim to set a benchmark of quality for future products”.


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