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Abaco Systems announces DSP282 multiprocessor

January 192016
Abaco Systems announces DSP282 multiprocessor

January 19, 2016 -  Abaco Systems announces DSP282 multiprocessor that delivers up to 665.6 GigaFLOPS of throughput per card slot as well as supporting advanced 3D graphics.

The DSP282 features dual 5th generation Intel Core i7 2.4GHz quad core processors. Using RDMA-enabled InfiniBand and Ethernet dual network interface cards, means that the DSP282 is extremely scalable as well as offering high inter-processor bandwidth at extremely low memory-to-memory latencies.

In addition, system integrators can minimize card count by mapping multiple platform functions such as control, DSP, image- and video processing and graphics onto one or more DSP282s in order to reduce spares and simplify logistical support in the field.

The DSP282 also brings high levels of data security with on-board Security Hub and full support for the latest Intel platform security features.

Abaco’s AXISPro application development environment supports application optimization for multi-core, multi-threaded and multi-node distributed system architectures across multiple operating systems including Linux, Windows and VxWorks and includes quick start signal- and image processing examples to accelerate time-to-solution.