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Abaco Systems announces XVB603 and XVR19 single board computers

January 042017
Abaco Systems announces XVB603 and XVR19 single board computers

January 4, 2017—, Abaco Systems announced the XVB603 and XVR19 6U VME single board computers, based on the latest 7th generation Intel technology (codenamed “Kaby Lake”). The boards are designed to cover the full range of VME processing applications from industrial control through to fully rugged, mission critical defense and aerospace deployments.

The XVB603 and XVR19 provide upgrades for users of previous XVB and XVR products, bringing processor performance, storage and improved protection against obsolescence. They will also be attractive for new program starts looking to benefit from Abaco’s established and proven VME roadmaps.

Long term availability is assured as a result of utilising CPUs from Intel’s long term-supported IoT (Internet of Things) roadmap, and Abaco’s Vivo FPGA-based VME interface which abstracts these products from potential obsolescence issues.

The XVB603 is specifically targeted at air-cooled, front I/O application in relatively benign environments typically found in industrial or sheltered defense settings. The XVR19 is targeted at command and control applications typical of the defense and aerospace markets on land, sea and air.

The XVB603 and XVR19 are both based on the new 7th generation Intel Xeon E3-1505M v6 Intel processor which offers integrated graphics and memory controller together with quad core processing up to 3.0GHz all in one device. Coupled with the Mobile Intel QM87 Express Chipset, the processing node delivers greater processor performance than 6th generation-based products.

In addition to a range of onboard I/O features, the XVB603 and XVR19 also offer on-board mezzanine expansion sites for system flexibility. Memory resources include up to 16 GB of soldered DDR4 SDRAM for performance and reliability.

A software choice is planned for the XVB603 and XVR19, including comprehensive Deployed Test Software (BIT and BCS) and AXIS, plus operating system support for Windows 10, Open Linux, Wind River Linux and VxWorks.

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