ABB releases Endura AZ25 oxygen analyzer |

ABB releases Endura AZ25 oxygen analyzer

January 202015
ABB releases Endura AZ25 oxygen analyzer

January  20, 2015 – ABB Measurement & Analytics announces Endura AZ25 oxygen analyzer for fired process heaters and furnaces. The Endura AZ25 oxygen analyzer is designed for use in processes where the temperature ranges between 600 and 1400 °C (1112 and 2552 °F). The probe’s robust design enables it to withstand high temperatures and reducing and sulfurous atmospheres, giving it a long lifespan in a wide range of applications.

Supplied with a choice of protective sheath materials, the AZ25 offers improved resistance to thermal stresses and shocks and highly corrosive atmospheres. This permits its use in a wider range of applications that are subject to sudden variations in process temperature.

The Endura AZ25 benefits from a cell processing technique that bonds the multi-layered platinum electrode to the zirconia. This means that the AZ25 can be used in arduous applications subject to sulfurous and reducing atmospheres such as sulfur recovery processes, crematoria and industrial and clinical waste incineration.

As a HART-enabled analyzer, the Endura AZ25 also offers the ability for operators to perform online modification and analysis of parameters. Improved process control is ensured by the positioning of the zirconium oxide measuring sensor at the tip of the probe, which is then inserted into the flue duct. This ideal position for direct in situ measurement lets users get an accurate and immediate oxygen reading for optimizing the combustion control process and control of furnace atmospheres.

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