Acopian Announces Convection-Cooled WN8B power supply |

Acopian Announces Convection-Cooled WN8B power supply

February 262015
Acopian Announces Convection-Cooled WN8B power supply

February 26, 2015 - Acopian Power Supplies announced WN8B power supplies. The AC-DC single-output units provide up to 75 Watts of output power, with convection cooling (no fans required). The convection-cooled design eliminates the need for fan maintenance, along with audible/ambient noise and vibrations. Notably, the modules measure 1.7" (L) x 3.5" (W) x 8.8" (H) and can therefore be mounted in tight spaces where most standard units do not fit.  

In addition to their narrow profile and small footprint, the WN8B power supplies' current limiting capabilities make them ideally suited for a range of applications in which high inrush loads are used.  They are most commonly employed in industrial automation, high-power LED lighting, test and measurement equipment, broadcast equipment, and IT equipment as well as in communications, motor control power, and motorized entrance gates, shades and blinds.

Acopian's WN8B power modules operate from a universal input of 90-265 VAC, 49-420 Hz, single phase, or 110-350 VDC. They are offered with power factor correction (PFC) of 0.99 at 115 VAC, 60 Hz and full load, to ensure compliance with EN61000-3-2. Units are available with 39 output voltages ranging from 3.3 V to 125 V, and with a +/- 0.5 V or +/- 1 V user-adjustment range. The output voltage may be controlled by an external 1K potentiometer.

The convection-cooled ambient operating temperature range is from 0 to +71 °C, while power-saving efficiency is up to 81%. Common to the entire Narrow Profile Series of switching regulated power supplies are universal input, PFC, high surge current capability, soft-start function, cold-start function, input overvoltage protection, overload/short circuit protection, output inhibit, input undervoltage, internal EMI filtering, remote sensing, and thermal protection. A green LED output indicator is lit when the supply is on (DC). Modules are CE Marked, and feature general-purpose safety agency certifications per UL60950 and UL508. The series further meets the conducted and radiated EMI requirements of EN55022, Class A.

A metal case fully encloses all circuitry and provides EMI shielding, while an AC input filter attenuates both common and differential mode noise conducted to the line. The WN8 power supplies are delivered with threaded mounting holes to permit mounting to a chassis, cabinet wall or bracket. Units may also be used on a test bench or tabletop. Accessory mounting kits for wall mounting or DIN rail mounting are available.