Adept announces fleet management system for mobile robots |

Adept announces fleet management system for mobile robots

March 13, 2015 - Adept Technology announced Lynx Enterprise Manager 1100, a fleet management system for Lynx autonomous intelligent vehicles (AIVs). Lynx Enterprise Manager 1100 controls all aspects of operating a fleet of Lynx mobile robots, coordinating as many as 100 vehicles simultaneously to enable large-scale deployments for warehousing/logistics, manufacturing and semiconductor applications.

Lynx AIVs provide rapid, traceable material movement in highly dynamic environments such as warehouses, distribution centers and factories.

Unlike traditional AGV systems, Lynx vehicles intelligently self-navigate, avoiding obstacles and selecting the best path to complete a task. The Lynx Enterprise Manager 1100 is a powerful tool for controlling a Lynx fleet, coordinating vehicle configuration, task allocation and traffic control, and interfacing with a user's existing enterprise management system.