ADLINK Announces ETX-BT Computer-on-Module |

ADLINK Announces ETX-BT Computer-on-Module

September 302014
ADLINK Announces ETX-BT Computer-on-Module

September 30, 2014 - ADLINK Technology announced ETX-BT computer-on-module, which uses the latest Intel Atom Processor E3800 SOC Series with performance scalability from single core at 1.4GHz (Intel Atom E3815) to quad core at 1.9GHz (Intel Atom E3845), matched with a single SODIMM socket for up to 4 GB non-ECC 1333/1066 MHz DDR3L memory. The ETX-BT supports all the legacy I/O of previous ETX modules on the market and will extend the service life of expiring ETX-based systems for another seven years, bringing a new level of performance and allowing access to the latest cloud services.

As a drop-in replacement for older ETX modules, ETX-BT supports all legacy interfaces of the ETX form factor, such as dual PATA IDE with Master/Slave, ISA-bus, PCI-bus, serial/parallel ports, Intel-based 10/100Mbps LAN, analog VGA and LVDS. However, it also provides access to new interfaces without the need to modify the carrier board by using low-profile flat cable connectors for Gigabit Ethernet, DDI graphics and XDP CPU debug, as well as onboard connectors for SATA ports and fan power with SmartFan control.

ETX-BT is also equipped with a SEMA board controller, the heart of ADLINK’s Smart Embedded Management Agent (SEMA) remote monitoring, control and cloud technology, which provides access to voltage/current monitoring, power sequence debug support, AT/ATX mode control, logistics, forensic information and watchdog timer. SEMA minimizes the need for physical visits by engineers or technicians to perform repairs and maintenance jobs, thus reducing related expenditures.

Current users of ETX-based systems who are seeking to prolong the service life of their equipment do not have to modify their carrier board to upgrade their systems. They can simply replace their outdated modules with the ADLINK ETX-BT to gain improved computational power and access to the latest features. With the ETX-BT, customers can revamp their systems with minimum cost and extend product life by another seven years, well into 2021.


“ETX is a 16-year-old form factor widely used in industrial automation, transportation and medical appliances, with many of them now nearing an end-of-life status. Most embedded system providers in the market are not developing new ETX products anymore. However, keeping our customers’ interests in mind, ADLINK Technology strives to maintain its ETX product offering so that our customers using ETX-based systems can easily upgrade their systems to a higher performance level at a low cost and maximum return-on-investment,” said Henk van Bremen, director of ADLINK’s Module Computing Product Segment. “The ETX-BT is the last ETX module you'll ever need.” 

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