ADLINK releases MXE-110i, MXE-202i, MXE-5400i IoT gateway models |

ADLINK releases MXE-110i, MXE-202i, MXE-5400i IoT gateway models

ADLINK releases MXE-110i, MXE-202i, MXE-5400i IoT gateway models

June 23, 2016– ADLINK Technology,a global provider of embedded building blocks, intelligent gateways and cloud/fog computing solutions that enable the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), announces the release of three ADLINK IoT gateway models supporting Intel IoT Gateway Technology. The MXE-110i, MXE-202i, and MXE-5400i, based on the Intel Quark, Intel Atom, and Intel Core processors, respectively, further expand the scope of ADLINK’s IoT gateway-based scalable computing platforms. From energy-saving applications to intelligent analytics, ADLINK’s IoT gateways supporting Intel IoT Gateway Technology provide the ideal IoT-ready industrial platforms for a wide variety of applications.

Intel IoT Gateway Technology enables development of intelligent gateways, which are critical to connecting systems with next-generation intelligent infrastructures and increasing business value for a world of applications. The ADLINK IoT Gateway product line, fully supported by Intel IoT Gateway Technology, with integrated Wind River Intelligent Device Platform XT, and McAfee Embedded Control, is available for Intel IoT Gateway Software Suite, Intel® IoT Gateway Pro Software Suite, and Intel IoT Gateway Pro Pilot Software Suite.

The latest version of Intel IoT Gateway Technology enables enhanced user interface, security, scalability, interoperability, and manageability, as well as support for a wider variety of fieldbus communication protocol, including Modbus (RTU/Ethernet), BACNet, CAN for industrial applications, Exegin, Zigbee, Open Z-Wave, and 6lowpan empowering smart buildings. Other features include support for MQTT, Bluetooth/BLE, CoAP, XMPP device-to-cloud protocol, as well as AllJoyn and IoTivity (open source software framework) to enable seamless device-to-device connectivity.

New additions to ADLINK’s IoT gateway product line include the MXE-110i, MXE-202i, and MXE-5400i.  The MXE-5400i, based on Intel Core i3, Intel Core i5, and Intel Core i7 processors. These processors deliver exceptional performance and manageability, optimized connectivity, and rugged construction for mission-critical applications. The gateway performs dependably under an extended operating temperature range (from –20°C to 70°C with industrial SD card), making it the optimal solution for outdoor intelligent transportation, digital surveillance systems, and industrial automation applications. The MXE-202i gateway, powered by the Intel Atom processor E3826, features two processing cores with an SoC design, delivering the computing performance needed to handle the flow of data from sensors, while power-efficient enough to perform reliably in a fanless enclosure. Finally, the MXE-110i gateway, based on the Intel Quark, is suitable for applications requiring enhanced energy efficiency, such as smart agriculture, smart factory, and automated building environments.


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