Aerotech introduces Nmark Galvo Scanner Control (GCL) |

Aerotech introduces Nmark Galvo Scanner Control (GCL)

October 312016
Aerotech introduces Nmark Galvo Scanner Control (GCL)

October 31, 2016 – The recently-introduced Nmark GCL controls Aerotech’s AGV series scanners for thermal stability, and tracking accuracy. This is due to features such as full state feed-forward, 200 kHz servo rates, and look-ahead-based velocity control. The Nmark GCL uses interpolation electronics to provide up to 26-bits of effective resolution. Onboard real-time 2D calibration ensures accurate beam placement over the entire field of view.

The ability to accurately place a laser spot as a function of X/Y axis position is a key feature of Aerotech’s linear positioning stages for laser processing applications, and with the release of the Nmark GCL, this functionality is now available for scanner applications. The ability to accurately trigger the laser as a function of position removes the need to program mark, jump, and polygon delays. Scanner-based processes can now be programmed in the same fashion as traditional X/Y stage-based applications by using the Position Synchronized Output functionality.