AIS announces IIoT Ready Touch Panel PCs |

AIS announces IIoT Ready Touch Panel PCs

January 122015
AIS announces IIoT Ready Touch Panel PCs

January 12, 2015 - American Industrial Sysems announces IIoT Ready Touch Panel PCs specifically engineered to meet the demands of the burgeoning Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) market. IIoT Read Touch Panel PCs include Premium, Standard and Value HMIs for IIoT, Industry 4.0 and M2M applications.

The Premium Series HMI features a fully modular construction with detachable box PC and display panel and no moving parts. The Standard Series offers many similar features and the same HMI functionality as the Premium series, but with a more affordable CPU. As a modular, flexible, scalable and cost-competitive HM solution, the Standard Series of HMIs are designed to serve a broader range of applications, starting at mid-level, all the way to high-end control and SCADA applications. Value Line Series of HMIs features all-aluminum construction for OEM machinery and equipment.

The HMIs have an open platform architecture which is critical to fostering the use of enabling technologies within an IIoT scheme and help OEMs/ODMs and industrial companies embrace Industry 4.0 technologies with their equipment and machinery in factories, facilities and/or operations.

Some of the features in the Premium and Standard series include a fully modular design with upgradeable components including box pc, power supply and touchscreens. System modularity ensures customers maximum flexibility, scalability and future-proofing – as users can now easily swap, upgrade or replace box PCs, utilize single or multi-touchscreens and various screen sizes even if their needs or application requirements change in the future.

Maintenance and serviceability are major considerations and pose huge cost factors for industrial companies with remote stations, facilities and plant locations. It also has a large impact on supply chain costs and parts inventory. Both the Premium and Standard Series HMIs have detachable and upgradeable box PCs and touchscreens that can be easily serviced and replaced with no tools - requiring only the maintenance operators’ two hands to disassemble or detach components. With a declining workforce and less technical personnel in industries such as the oil & gas industry, equipment that requires less training and technical expertise are important in maintaining efficient and productive operations and facilities.