Alliance Sensors adds SenSet to inductive sensors |

Alliance Sensors adds SenSet to inductive sensors

August 222014
Alliance Sensors adds SenSet to inductive sensors

August 22, 2014 - Alliance Sensors Group announces that its “SenSet Field Programmability” technology is now a standard feature in its linear inductive position product lines such as the LV and LR series for factory automation applications and the MR and ME series for hydraulic/pneumatic cylinder or actuator position feedback.

SenSet allows a user to perform a field calibration to adjust for mechanical tolerance variations with the ease of pushing a button or grounding a lead, reducing set up time and cost of ownership.

In many applications, the factory calibrated range of a sensor does not precisely match the actual range of the position being measured, be it in a valve or hydraulic cylinder for example.  SenSet allows the installer to very simply and quickly, exactly match the full scale electrical output (4-20mA or 0-10VDC) of a sensor to the actual mechanical movement range of the device in which the sensor is installed. After installing the sensor, simply move the device to its zero (aka fully closed, retracted or 0%) position and press the SenSet button, then move it to the full scale (aka fully open, extended or 100%) position and press the same SenSet button and the sensor is now calibrated over the device’s range of motion. For OEMs, a grounding wire or magnetic switch is typically used in place of the SenSet button. Sensor and cylinder distributors will have reduced technical support time required with their customers. The output can be adjusted for one or both ends of the range of motion up to 20%.

Alliance Sensor Group offers linear position sensors such as the MR-7 port mountable and ME-7 embedded as magnetostrictive sensor replacements for hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders as well as the LV series LVDT replacement sensors, all having the SenSet Field Programmability feature.