Alliance Sensors introduces LR-27 Position Sensors |

Alliance Sensors introduces LR-27 Position Sensors

December 082014
Alliance Sensors introduces LR-27 Position Sensors

December 8, 2014 - Alliance Sensors Group introduces LR-27 Series Inductive Linear Position Sensors. These are contactless devices designed for factory automation and a variety of heavy duty industrial or commercial applications such as solar cell positioners, wind turbine prop pitch and brakes, chute or gate positioners on off-road or agri-vehicles, robotic arm position feedback, and packaging equipment. With their compact yet robust design, superior performance, and excellent stroke-to-length ratio, LR-27 sensors are ideal for both industrial and OEM position sensing applications.  


  • Contactless operation prevents wearout from dither or cycling
  • 4 Ranges from 50 to 200 mm (2 to 8 inches)
  • Excellent stroke-to-length ratio
  • 27 mm (1.05 inch) diameter anodized aluminum housing sealed to IP-67
  • Radial cable exit version comes with swivel rod eye ends
  • Axial termination versions with either M-12 connector or 1m cable

Operating from a variety of DC voltages, the LR-27 series offer a choice of four analog outputs, and all units include ASG's SenSet field scalability feature.