America Semiconductor releases 50RIA Thyristors |

America Semiconductor releases 50RIA Thyristors

February 032015
America Semiconductor releases 50RIA Thyristors

February 3, 2015... America Semiconductor announced the 50RIA Series of medium power, phase control thyristors. Supplied in an industry standard TO-65 package, the single-phase Silicon Controlled Rectifiers (SCRs) feature a current rating of 50 Amp. These robust parts offer excellent dynamic characteristics, vacuum wielding technology and superior surge capabilities.  They moreover feature low thermal resistance and high dl/dt and dV/dt capabilities.

The 50 Amp stud thyristors are ideally suited for employment in an array of high-reliability industrial applications. The devices are commonly specified for phase control in converters, as well as in lighting, temperature and speed control circuits. Parts are also highly appropriate for use in battery chargers and regulated power supplies.

The SCRs are available in 9 voltages with types up to 1600 V VDRM/VRRM. Maximum gate trigger current is 100 mA, whereas maximum gate trigger voltage is 2 V. Maximum RMS on-state current is 80 Amp. The thyristors support a maximum operating junction and storage temperature range of -40° to 125° C. Metric threads versions are available.