ams releases NanEyeM and NanEyeXS image sensors |

ams releases NanEyeM and NanEyeXS image sensors

November 122018
ams releases NanEyeM and NanEyeXS image sensors

November 12, 2018 – ams, a supplier of sensor solutions, announced the introduction of the latest products in its NanEye family. The NanEyeM and NanEyeXS, pre-released, will enable the production of single-use endoscopes for use in minimally invasive surgery.

The 1mm2 NanEyeM offers a high-resolution 100kpixel readout over an LVDS digital interface at a maximum rate of 49 frames/s at 62MHz. The NanEyeM, which is supplied as a Micro Camera Module (MCM) including a cable up to 2m long, features a custom multi-element lens which improves the effective resolution of the sensor and reduces distortion. Compared to the earlier NanEye 2D sensor, which has a single-element lens, the NanEyeM offers improved MTF (Modulation Transfer Function) of >50% in the corners, lower distortion of <15%, and lower color aberration of <1Px.

The NanEyeXS from ams has a 0.46mm2 footprint. It produces a digital output in 40kpixel resolution at a maximum rate of 55 frames/s at 28MHz. The sensor’s size offers advantages when developing instruments for minimally invasive procedures, enabling the design of surgical devices with a small diameter, or freeing more space for working channels in larger devices. Like the NanEyeM, the NanEyeXS is supplied as an MCM.

The NanEyeM is also available in surface-mount chip form. The NanEyeXS and NanEyeM image sensors will be available for sampling in January 2019.