ANC-300e: Any Combination of Ethernet to RS-485 / Ethernet to Ethernet Protocol Conversion. $525 USD List. |

ANC-300e: Any Combination of Ethernet to RS-485 / Ethernet to Ethernet Protocol Conversion. $525 USD List.

ANC-300e:  Any Combination of Ethernet to RS-485 / Ethernet to Ethernet Protocol Conversion. $525 USD List.

Automation Networks is pleased to announce the release of the ANC-300e Converter. The ANC-300e has the combined performance as an Ethernet and RS-485 serial converter. The gateway behaves like a protocol converter/translator that allows difficult data interchanges and connections between incompatible networks.

RS485 serial Protocols: Modbus Sniffer, A.O. Smith AIN, A.O. Smith PDNP, BACnet MS/TPClient, BACnet MS/TP Server, TCS Basys Master, MSA Chillgard Monitor, DMX 512-Master, DMX-512 Slave, M-Bus Master, Metasys N2 Master, Metasys N2 Slave, Siemens FLN Master, Siemens FLN Slave, Sullair Master, Toshiba ASD Master, Toshiba PLC Master.

Ethernet Protocols: Ethernet/IP Client/Server, AB CSP Ethernet Client/Server, Modbus TCP/IP, Profinet IO, BACnet/IP BBMD, BACnet/IP Client, BACnet/IP Server, Baumer VeriSens Client, CC-Link IE SLMP Client, MELSEC Client/Server, Generic Socket Client/Server & GreenFumeHood Client.

ANC-300e is an easily configurable Ethernet / RS-485 converter gateway that provides integrated communication between all the above common industrial and commercial communication networks. As part of the ANC Gateway Converter Series, the ANC-300e provides a common platform which is convenient and easy to setup in all products.

The Automation Network ANC-300e Ethernet & Fieldbus Gateway Converter allows data to be seamlessly transferred between Ethernet to Ethernet and Ethernet to RS-485 networks with simple configuration.

ANC-300e Technical Overview

The Automation Networks ANC-300e provides an IEEE 802.3 10/100BaseT Ethernet port and an RS-485 port (4-wire terminal block style). The Ethernet port allows standard CAT5-type 8-conductor unshielded twisted-pair (UTP) patch cables and allows multiple protocols to communication at the same time. The RS-485 port supports multiple protocols.

The ANC-300e alarming systems allows up to twenty individually-configurable, with email notifications. It has the ability to program a configurable network timeout action which provides a fail safe condition for each database address in case of a network interruption. You can easily construct complex data conditioning functions with PLC-style logical, arithmetic and filtering database manipulation operations.

The embedded web server provides remote monitoring as well as a dashboard composed of a variety of gauges, meters and graphs that can be configured to provide an at-a-glance graphical overview of critical application variables in real-time.

ANC Gateway Easy-to-Use Commonality

The Automation Networks ANC-300e is a member of all the ANC Gateway Series product family. Members of this family are designed to provide a uniform interface, configuration and application experience. This commonality reduces the user’s learning curve, reducing commissioning time while simplifying support.

The ANC-300e Gateway Converter Series Features Include:

The ANC-300e converter provides a similar, single platform configuration experience in all ANC Gateway Converters.  The setup is performed using the Microsoft Windows®-based ANC Configuration Studio, in which users can do the following:

  • Setup protocols, network parameters, and object definitions of the client/server.
  • Use the graphics with the real-time internal database.
  • Automatically update device firmware.
  • Define autonomous elements such as database logic, email alarms and object failsafe values.
  • Capture, display and save serial network traffic with microsecond-precision timestamps.

The ANC-300e Gateway incorporates a variety of leading-edge automation and IT technologies, such as:

  • USB connectivity with virtual COM port support.
  • 10/100Base-T Ethernet port.
  • Power can be applied three different ways: via the USB cable (for configuration at a workstation), as a 7-24VDC input on the main terminal block, or via IEEE 802.3af Power over Ethernet / PoE (no need for a local power supply).
  • Internal operations managed by a pair of powerful 32-bit processors.
  • Autonomous alarm evaluation with email notification.
  • Real-time web browser-based interaction via an Adobe® Flash Player plug-in. This includes support for database interaction and a dashboard GUI with multiple windows, each of which can be configured to display data in a variety of meter/graph/gauge formats.
  • User-configurable network timeout behaviors.
  • 2-wire / 4-wire RS-485 network supports baud rates up to 115.2kbaud.
  • Desktop, panel/wall and DIN-rail mountable (all hardware included).
  • PLC-style logical, arithmetic, trigonometric and filtering database manipulation operations allow the construction of complex data conditioning functions.



A. O. Smith AIN Slave, A. O. Smith PDNP Master, BACnet MS/TP Client, BACnet MS/TP Server, BACnet/IP Client, BACnet/IP Server, Baumer VeriSens Client, BBMD, CC-Link IE SLMP Client, CSP Client, CSP Server, DMX-512 Master, DMX-512 Slave, Erlab GreenFumeHood Client, EtherNet/IP Client, EtherNet/IP Server, M-Bus Master, Metasys N2 Master, Metasys N2 Slave, Mitsubishi MELSEC MC Protocol Client, Mitsubishi MELSEC MC Protocol Server, Modbus RTU Master, Modbus RTU Slave, Modbus RTU Sniffer, Modbus/TCP Client, Modbus/TCP Server, MSA Chillgard Monitor, PROFINET IO, Siemens FLN Master, Siemens FLN Slave, Sullair Supervisor Master, TCS Basys Master, Toshiba ASD Master, Toshiba Computer Link Master



Power Supply

7 to 24VDC, Power over Ethernet (PoE), USB

User Configuration Interface

ICC Configuration Studio via USB 2.0



Network Timeout Action


Mounting Options

Desktop, DIN-rail, Panel/Wall

Mounting Hardware Included


Configuration File Upload/Download




LED Indicators


Please contact Automation Networks at [email protected] / Tel (281) 771-0019 to review your application details and how we can best optimize your Factory Automation application.