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APEM announces P56 64-position DIP rotary switch

September 222014
APEM announces P56 64-position DIP rotary switch

September 22, 2014 - APEM announces P56 Series 64-position DIP Coded Rotary Switch. The P56 provides ease and precision in address and parameter setting on electrical devices relative to lower-cost potentiometers.

P56 gives manufacturers the ability to set highly precise parameters without the need to account for tolerances in a manner that is easily repeatable. The P56 also eliminates the need to transform potentiometers’ analog voltage, which can negatively affect the accuracy and precision of parameter settings. These attributes reduce the amount of time dedicated to calibration and recalibration if repairs or changes are made to customer equipment.

Available in standard surface-mount or right-angle mounting varieties with hard gold plated contacts, smooth detents, and actuator accessory options, APEM’s P56 Series is the superior alternative to potentiometers. With an extensive portfolio of DIP Coded Rotary Switches, including high-temperature and sealed varieties, APEM’s DIP Coded Rotary Switches are ideal for setting addresses and parameters in any electrical device. To learn more about APEM’s P56 Series, please visit www.apem.com or contact David Allen at 760-598-2518.