Appleton enhances explosion-proof plug and receptacles

November 052008
Appleton enhances explosion-proof plug and receptacles
November 5, 2008 – Appleton Powertite explosion-proof plug and receptacle and the Appleton explosion-proof EBR receptacle are now available in 150-amp versions — the first of their kind.

This upgrade targets an important but unmeet need to supply power over long runs to industrial equipment rated at approximately 100-amps. The 150-amp solution eliminates the risk of “overdriving,” or drawing excessive current beyond the maximum continuous rating on a piece of equipment, that can lead to additional service and maintenance expense.

Other new enhancements include arc-snuffing chambers, multiple grounding styles, and positive polarization to prevent dangerous matching of dissimilar amperages.

The Powertite and EBR are UL Listed, CSA Certified and rated NEMA 4X. They are approved for use in Class 1, Div 1 and 2 hazardous locations, such as petrochemical plants, petroleum refineries, paint and chemical factories, and other areas where ignitable vapors or gases are present.

About Appleton
Appleton is a premium line of hazardous location products under the EGS Electrical Group family of brands. EGS Electrical Group is a worldwide manufacturer of electrical products for virtually every type of environment. Distributors, contractors, engineers, electricians and site maintenance professionals around the world trust EGS brands to make electrical installations safer, more productive and more reliable. EGS is organized into three focused businesses that provide distributors and end-users expert knowledge and excellent service.